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Is vaping better than smoking


Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes have become more popular notably in 2016 and 2017. More millennials are trying this out, and the response from the market is excellent. The demand is high for this vaping that it’s not hard to find if you want to buy one. There are a lot of videos and communities on social media about vaping. The real question is, is it better than smoking cigarettes? And the answer a big yes. There have been many research and articles that you can look up on the internet that would support this how vaping is better. To sum it up, here are three examples of why you should switch to vaping if you are a smoker.

Reduce significant amount of risk for lung diseases

We all know how harmful cigarettes are for us. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco and a massive number of at least 4,000 chemicals that can lead to cancer, and all of these elements in a cigarette is the cause of preventable cancer disease and death for so many smokers. There is a lot of stories, and scientific research that would say the same about cigarette is nothing but dangerous for our body. Vapor, on the other hand, do not have tobacco in it. So if you are a smoker and recently offered to vape, then you should try it out. The liquid that the machine turns into smoke contains nicotine which becomes the substitute for smoking real cigarettes. This fact is one of the main reason why vaping is healthier than smoking. Even though it does not mean that vaping is a 100% safe, but it drastically lowers the risk of getting lung diseases.

No more bad breaths

ou896ov5ktjOne of the main turn-off and why the rest of the people that do not smoke dislike hanging out with someone who is an active smoker is because of the bad breath and smoke. If you are a smoker, then you must know how it feels like to always have to carry around a pack of gum or any product that would make your breath smells fresh. If you switch to vapor that is not going to be a concern anymore since vaping does not leave you with bad breath.

Can help you to stop smoking cigarettes

7u4uc75Because vaping contains nicotine, which is a chemical that makes smoking cigarettes addicting, it is possible to leave cigarettes and the tobacco slowly. There are a lot of success stories and statistics that show how vaping can make people quit smoking. Even though it goes back to you or the smoker actually to stop smoking but it helps a lot, and it makes it easier for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and don’t look back.

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