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Social Security Card Replacement Card Process


When do I Get the Social Security Card?

A question many people ask: when and how do I get this ID at all? What applications do I have to make for this purpose and does it cost me something? This question can be answered relatively quickly and easily. The issue of the social security card is carried out automatically and without further action as soon as first employment is taken up. The issuing authority is the pension insurance institution. As soon as a job is started (including mini-jobs ), the employer reports the employment to the health insurance or the mini-job center; The social security card will then be issued and sent by post to the employee. Consequently, no separate application is needed to obtain the document. Attention: Officials, soldiers, and judges have a special role to play. You are insured and therefore do not receive a social security card.


Loss of Social Security Card

It happens very quickly that the relatively small and handy insurance passport is lost over time – especially when you get hit by a mini job as a young person and change of residence and long periods ( for example, by studying ) between the first exhibition and a new start lie. If you then start a new employment relationship, the ID card will usually have to be presented. Although there has not been an everyday obligation to carry along for quite some time, an employer is still obliged to have the document presented.


What to do in Case of Loss?

For the reasons mentioned, you should, therefore, take action as soon as possible, if you notice the loss of the document. This, like most bureaucratic matters, can take several weeks and should, therefore, be done sooner rather than later.


Where is the Replacement?

The easiest way to get a replacement is health insurance. In case of loss, this can be contacted. The health insurance will then consult with the pension insurance institution and apply for a new social security number and thus a new identity card. After a variable processing time (you should plan about six weeks ), the employee will then receive a new ID card.

Alternatively, you can also contact the insurance carrier directly and ask for a new exhibition. In case of a name change, the ID card must also be reissued in any case – the procedure is the same. Also, in this case, one turns to the health insurance or the insurance carrier. The processing status can be asked – but you should do that only after a certain time frame has passed. A waiting period of up to six weeks is legitimate to get the social security card replacement card.


What to do if the badge is needed immediately?

It can easily happen that the loss is not noticed until the ID card is needed for submission. However, it can take some time before a new exhibition. So what to do? It is advisable in such a case, a certificate issued by the health insurance or the insurance carrier, which states that a new social security card has been requested and the application is currently being processed. Then the right social security card can be submitted to the employer as soon as it arrives. If the social security number is still known as such and only the corresponding badge is missing, it is possible to give this number to the employer and then apply for a replacement badge for the original number – so then the employer has the necessary number ever.


How High are the Costs?

Neither the first-time exhibition nor a replacement exhibition is costly. In other words, a new social security card is free!

What is the ID card for? On the One hand, it attests to its holder membership of the social security system and, on the other, it is intended to prevent the unauthorized receipt of social benefits and undeclared work. It enables the employer to deduct insurance premiums correctly. Until a few years ago, there was even a carryover obligation, so that undeclared workers could be caught in unannounced checks. However, this rule was abolished, and now only a single template is necessary.


Avoid Loss

To save yourself the annoying new application, it is recommended that the ID card safe and secure in a folder or in a place where other important documents are kept. Ideally, you should make a note of the social security number in an independent location so that at least this is always at hand and can tell an employer immediately. In case of loss, immediate action should be taken, especially as it is a comparably low effort.

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