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Three Tips to Create Compelling Video Contents

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The Internet facilitates creative workers like no other technologies. It provides public exposure without having to pass editors and publishers. Many digital platforms allow the users to self-publish their works. But as the production means becomes accessible to many people, the stakes in the game also raise.

We can group creative works into three main formats: audio, visual, and audio-visual. Here, we are focusing on videos that use both audio and visual elements. Video creators are expected to master many creative fields like cinematography, audio-engineering, and story-telling. Therefore, we creating videos is arguably the most sophisticated form of contemporary artistic conduct. It is a subject that requires the most attention and discussion.

Studying the Audience

An ideal video creator knows who their audiences are. Although many viral videos these days are aesthetically absurd, some general rules still apply. For instance, the meme culture may reach millions of viewers in only a few days. But you cannot take credits of a meme video and gain yourself a respected reputation.

If you want to create video contents, you should bear in mind the two key variables: marketability and creativity. The general audience will still notice cliche concepts. You cannot curate old videos and create a copy out of them and claim the work as yours. Once the public finds the truth, you are going to lose your artistic value.

The best way to study your audience is by researching the videos of the same niche. Let’s say you want to create educational contents. Then, you need to specify if the videos are intended for young or adult audiences. It will be a base to decide the language style of the video’s narration and content.

Keeping Things Original and Authentic

aerial view of a landscapePeople use originality and authenticity interchangeably, while the truth is that the latter word possesses a fact-grounded sense than the first. Authenticity should also have some degree of relevance to contemporary issues. We can use this over-generalization phrase to understand the two concepts better, “You can be fictional and original, but not authentic.”

Therefore, when you create a video, it will be better if you shoot all the frames by yourself. For instance, you are creating a travel vlog, and you want to insert aerial footage to your video, but you lack the equipment and skill to do that, then hiring a land mapping service like Ray Carlson & Associates can solve your problem. There is never “Going too far” in creating a video. If you want to tell your viewers about the vastness of nature in Napa and Lake counties, then a helicopter shoot will surely hook them.

Hiring the Right Narrators

narration scriptsMost of the time, video creators think that they can do everything by themselves. As a consequence, the videos are poorly narrated. Not all people can give narration like Morgan Freeman, you know? Voice acting is another art with its unique difficulties. If you have uploaded videos with professional cinematography, but they do not get enough viewers, then you should suspect its narration being unappealing to the viewers’ ears.

However, once you present a video with a particular style of voice acting, you have to keep all others the same. Multiple videos with different narrators may confuse your viewers and disrupt the suspension of disbelief effect.

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