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Top tips for choosing a canopy tent

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Shine or rain, canopy rents offer a great solution for outdoor gatherings and activities to protect guests and furniture. Several types of canopy tents are made from various materials which are built to last. You can find the right canopy for your gathering or event by following these tips:

Canopy tent

Style and size

pop up tent 515For large events or gatherings with tables, chairs, and furniture, it is advisable to choose a large canopy with adequate ventilation. Trips with children to the beach require medium-sized canopies. Also, triangular canopies need less space. As a buyer, you need to familiarize yourself with different styles of canopies. Ensure you take into account space available where the event takes place. You should never underestimate the space available.


You need to choose a canopy with a lasting material. Usually, canopy frames come in steel or aluminum. The good thing about aluminum is that it is lightweight and perfect for portability. It is also easy to bend and cannot stand securely in windy conditions. Both aluminum and steel rust if not properly treated. When aluminum frames rust, they form an aluminum oxide that prevents further damage to the frame. Therefore, you should consider a canopy with aluminum frames or treated steel.


You have the freedom to either go heavy duty or lightweight. Lightweight canopies are perfect for a limited number of uses. On the other hand, heavy-duty canopies can withstand harsh elements for a long period. Canopies that are under 40 pounds can be assembled easily and can easily fit the trunk of the majority of vehicles. These tents cost, but last longer.

Cover material

pop up canopy 536Whether you are looking for a partially covered or fully covered canopy, you need to consider the material used. The most popular choice is the polyester material because it is durable, affordable, and water resistant. It is advisable to go for polyester with a vinyl coating as it is UV-resistant and waterproof. You may also consider UV-resistant polyethylene as it is impervious to rain and moisture.

Assembly and portability

Pop up canopies that have easy-open features are easy to take down and set up. It is advisable for the buyers to consider their vehicles to ensure they purchase a canopy that fits. Also, you can buy carry bags and roller bags to help you travel with your canopy.